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Why should you chew active orthodontic chewing gum?

If you feel pain when you place in new aligners or get new elastics with braces. Chewing active gives immediate pain relief.

If you want to decrease your risk of cavities during orthodontic treatment.

Active naturally kills the bacteria that causes cavities.

If you want fresh breath. Active gum has a great tasting fresh mint flavor. Chewing active after meals keeps your mouth clean.

If you have dry mouth symptoms. Chewing active gum increases saliva flow instantly.

If you have dirty or smelly aligners. Active cleans your aligners and around brackets.

When you want to speed up your treatment. Research shows chewing gum during orthodontic treatment accelerates healthy tooth movement.

Active chewing gum is the only orthodontic chewing gum for your smile journey. Clean your aligners on the Go!



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