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Problems with food in braces?

Brush after every meal

One of the biggest problem braces create in terms of keeping up your oral hygiene is the amount of food they trap. Some people think that when wearing braces you can still get away with brushing only twice a day, but that’s just not the case. You need to brush after every meal to make sure that there isn’t any debris trapped in your braces. If it stays there, the debris can cause a whole host of problems, including cavities, white spots on teeth and bad breath.


Chew active by OrthoGum

You can't always brush after every meal or every snack. Active chewing gum cleans your teeth and braces on the go! Specifically designed to not stick to braces, active chewing gum is the perfect answer for a healthy, happy mouth. Chewing active cleans the food debris from your braces, kills the bacteria that causes cavities and freshens your breath. Be confident with your braces and your smile.


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