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Active by OrthoGum is the only therapeutic aligner chewing gum that promotes your oral health during orthodontic treatment. It has been proven to not only speed up the process of tooth movement on the journey to a new smile, but also decreases pain and provides a more natural, healthy tooth movement.

Gum for braces


Decreases Pain

When switching to a new aligner the first few days can be painful. Research shows that chewing gum significantly decreases or eliminates pain due to orthodontic movement.

Won't Stick to

Your Aligners

Unlike many other gums, Active™ is uniquely formulated to be ultra low tack and clinically proven to freshen breath and clean your aligners and braces.

Zero Sugar

Because there is no sugar in Active chewing gum, it does not effect your blood sugar levels. Chewing Active also helps control hunger cravings and frequent snacking so you're staying more mindful of your consumption throughout the day. 



The action of chewing stimulates and activates your own bodies bones and ligaments which in turn creates faster movement of your teeth. The high density of Active gum is key to ensure your aligners are properly seated and that your teeth are accurately engaged. Successful orthodontic treatment should include rapid tooth movement concomitantly with healthy periodontal tissues, and minimal root resorption.

Gum for aligners


Kills Bacteria and neutralizes pH

Xylitol is the main ingredient in Active™.  Xylitol stops bacteria from living by starving it. Activebalances your pH, neutralizing harmful acids that cause cavities. Using Active™ three times a day can reduce your risk of cavities up to 85%. Chewing Active™ with xylitol reduces the cariogenic mutans streptococcus (MS) as well as the accumulation of plaque.  It does not have any effect of the good bacterias such as S.sanguinis and S.mitis. 


Tooth Decay

You are at a higher risk of having cavities because you are wearing a daily orthodontic appliance. Using Active three times a day can reduce your risk up to 85%. Active balances your pH, neutralizing harmful acids that cause cavities. One ingredient in Active™, Dicalcium Phosphate,  actually helps re-mineralize your teeth. 



When wearing your aligners you may experience dry mouth on occasion. Chewing Active™ gum is a major and effective way to increasing saliva production. 


Brain Health

We know chewing gum can make your breath smell good, but the benefits of mint hardly stops at your mouth.  Once smelled, mint can have profound brain health benefits.  According to recent research, the smell or flavor of mint can increase cognitive functions.  These include reasoning, problem solving, concept formation, judgment, attention span and even memory! Chewing Active™ will promote your brain health! 

Be on Your Way to Your Best Smile.
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