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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use Active™?
    With your aligners in, place 1-2 pieces of Active™ chewing gum on either side of your mouth and chew for 2-5 minutes. It is recommended to use after every meal or snack.
  • What are the ingredients in Active™?
    Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavor, Glyerine, Less than 2% of: Silicon Dioxide, Dicalcium Phosphate, Color (Titanium Dioxide), Gum Arabic, Tannc Acid, Sucralose, Soy Lechithin, Carnauba Wax. Vegan and Gluten Free Contains: Soy
  • Is it safe to chew Active™ for more than 5 minutes?
    Yes. Although you receive the therapeutic benefits within 5 minutes. I chewed longer you may encounter a slight tack or loss of flavor. Excess chewing of any gum can contribute to muscle soreness or TMJ disorders.
  • What if my dog consumes the product?
    If your dog consumed Active™, immediately bring your beloved to your veterinarian and advise them of the consumption of xylitol.
  • Will this gum stick to my shoes, carpet or hair?"
    No! It's amazing!
  • Does this replace my Chewie Aligner Tray Seater?
    Yes it does. It is also healthier as the plastic Chewie can harbor bacteria. Active™ not only helps seat your Aligner Trays, it kills the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  • What type of Aligners can I use with Active™?
    Active™ compliments all plastic aligners. Including: Invisalign, Clear Correct, Smile Direct Club, byte, Candid Co., Smilelove.
  • Can I use Active™ with my traditional metal braces or brackets?
    Yes! Active™ will not stick to your metal braces or brackets and you will receive the same benefits.
  • Why is Active™ sticking to my aligners?
    Although Active™ is an engineered ultra low tack chewing gum, there are some factors that can effect tack. Some instances may be: What you've recently eaten, body temperature and saliva characteristics. All you need to do is take a sip of cold water to decrease the tack. Another suggestion is try try active gum with a new aligner, as many of us grind our teeth and make microscopic grooves in aligner trays over time.
  • Why is Active™ catching on the edge of my aligners?
    Occasionally there can be a design flaw in your aligners. If you train your tongue to roll the gum off the aligners, you can keep chewing!
Be on Your Way to Your Best Smile.
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