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I felt my breath always smelled bad with my aligners in, Active™ gum keeps my breath feeling like I can talk to my coworkers.

Miranda | Customer

My aligners would get stained after a week of wearing them, chewing Active™ has kept my aligners clear!

Alexis | Customer

Every time I would put in new aligners, my teeth would hurt so I would take ibuprofen for several days, now I just chew Active™ and I get pain relief within a minute.

Amber | Customer

I was told I couldn’t chew gum because it would stick to my braces, Active™ doesn’t even stick to my elastics.

Mark | Customer

Active™ gum has a great long lasting taste that works great with my Invisalign braces! This consistency is the same as other gum but without the sticky mess. I miss chewing gum and definitely recommend it to those with Invisalign that miss chewing gum. I’d use this gum even if I didn’t have Invisalign braces.

Lamont | Customer

Be on Your Way to Your Best Smile.
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