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Active by OrthoGum Reviews.

Hear from our happy customers about their experience with active gum. People wearing braces are loving it! People wearing clear aligners like Invisalign love it.

'I felt my breath always smelled bad with my aligners in, active gum keeps my breath feeling like I can talk to my coworkers.' -Miranda
'My aligners would get stained after a week of wearing them, chewing active has kept my aligners clear!' -Alexis
'Every time I would put in new aligners, my teeth would hurt so I would take ibuprofen for several days, now I just chew active and I get pain relief within a minute.' -Amber
'I was told I couldn’t chew gum because it would stick to my braces, active doesn’t even stick to my elastics.' -Mark
'Active gum has a great long lasting taste that works great with my Invisalign braces! This consistency is the same as other gum but without the sticky mess. I miss chewing gum and definitely recommend it to those with Invisalign that miss chewing gum. I’d use this gum even if I didn’t have Invisalign braces.' -Lamont
'I love it and am so grateful that there is a gum I can chew with my aligners. I spend more time with my trays in, which helps my teeth straighten faster.' -Amazon Customer


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