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What should you know about Dentures?

1. Don't Underestimate the Importance of Staying Positive

What will help you the most during recovery is staying positive. This can be a battle. especially when healing. Staying positive and patient helps you recover and adapt better. You have a lot to look forward to!

2. Don't Wait

Many people wait either fearful of pain, worried about money, or don't have the time.

Guess what? You won't miss you old teeth and and will be happy to not have any more pain or embarrassment. Schedule a consult today.

3. Use a Local Dentist and See Them Often

One mistake people make is expecting things to be perfect right away. The truth is, you're going to have to go to your dentists for adjustments. Possibly a lot of them. Eventually, you will need relines as well. This is all normal.

4. You Will Need Adjustments

One of the reasons people hate their dentures is because they accept whatever they get at first and never try to get adjustments. The truth is, the better your dentures fit, the better they work. So if you don't get adjustments, you're going to hate your dentures and they're not going to fit well. Some people just give up at this point and they shouldn't.

Don't give up.

4. Your Self-Image Will Change: Be Prepared

Your dentures will be so beautiful, and your teeth will look better than they ever have before. This could be a huge confidence boost. You will smile more.

The other side is how you will feel when you take your teeth out (which you are supposed to give your gums a rest), you might feel disappointed with how you look. You might think you look older or gross in some way. Being without your teeth can make some people feel very self-conscious. Love your self for doing the right thing for your body and removing all the infection that was there.

5. Focus on the Gains, Not the Losses

It's very important that you look in the mirror and take pictures of your new smile with your teeth in. It helps you get through some of the hard times in the beginning to see how perfect these new teeth look. You need that confidence and hope boost when you're in pain or struggling to eat.

7. There's Always Room for Improvement

The benefit of getting temporary dentures if you can, at first, and then permanents later, is to help you adjust to the new teeth, and if there is anything you still don't like after a few months, you can always make adjustments. This is true even if you get your permanent dentures right away. People with dentures make the mistake of thinking they're "stuck" with problems, but dentures aren't like that. With dentures, things can always improve.

8. You Will Need Emotional Support

The best thing to have is people who support you.

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