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Meet Amy...

Meet one of @activebyorthogum founders....

Amy Carpenter MBA, RDH began her career in dentistry in 1993! Working as a Dental Assistant for seven years, Amy decided to further pursue her love of dentistry and graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. In 2019 Amy graduated from Colorado State University with a Masters of Business Administration. In Utah, Amy participated on the Utah Dental Hygienists Association Board of Trustees, holding several different offices, including President.

Amy’s drive and passion to further her education is apparent and demonstrated by the manner in which she has created the only orthodontic chewing gum!! Co-Founder of OrthoGum Inc she is embarking on solving patients problems while in clear aligners and braces.

Adventuring outdoors, hiking, biking, yoga, camping in the Utah desert and cooking for friends is where Amy finds solace.




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