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Hear from Orthodontists.....Why chew active gum?

"Best thing I've added to my patients orthodontic experience, I include a pack with every new case"

"My patients hated using the plastic tray seaters, now I have a replacement, they actually use"

"Finally an incredible to product to help my patients with orthodontic pain"


Chewing active gum during orthodontic treatment helps in multiple ways

*A healthier way to seat aligners

Replaces bacteria laden reusable plastic tray seaters

*Decreases risk of tooth decay

Xylitol is the first ingredient and kills the bacteria that causes cavities.

*Accelerated treatment time.

The action of chewing stimulates blood flow and in turn creates faster tooth movement

*Aligner cleaner

Xylitol kills the bacteria that builds up on aligners and keeps them smelling fresh

*Decreases pain

When swithing to new aligners or a braces tightening you may experience pain.

Chewing active gum relieves pain within a minute!

*Dry mouth

The action of chewing active gum increases saliva production.

*Chewing gum

Increases cognitive function

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