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5 reasons to replace Chewies with active chewing gum

Top Five advantages of using Active orthodontic chewing gum over traditional, old Chewies.

1. Active gum actually kills the bacteria in the mouth and on the aligners.

2. Active gum freshens breath.

3. Active gum decreases the risk of cavities.

4. Active gum accelerates treatment by engaging the aligners onto the teeth.

5. Active gum is the only chewing gum specifically engineered for clear aligners.

Say goodbye to Chewies.....

And Hello to Active - Advanced Orthodontic Chewing Gum

Active has a great long lasting taste that works great with my Invisalign braces! This consistency is the same as other gum but without the sticky mess. I miss chewing gum and definitely recommend it to those with Invisalign that miss chewing gum. I’d use this gum even if I didn’t have Invisalign braces. -Lamont

My experience with Active chewing gum has been phenomenal! I really enjoy the flavor, it tastes terrific! I can tell how much better my clear aligners fit after chewing it. I am not a fan of chewies at all and this was an absolute better option for me. It is affordable and the ordering process was so simple. I definitely recommended this product!!” -Miranda

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