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#1 recommended by Orthodontists and Dentists

Active by OrthoGum is the #1 recommended chewing gum for people in braces or clear aligners. Active works with all clear aligners.

Why chew active?

  • It naturally kills the bacteria that causes cavities

  • It doesn't stick to clear aligners

  • Freshens breath

  • Reduces dry mouth

  • Accelerates treatment

  • Seats aligners onto teeth

  • Cleans aligners on the GO

  • Decreases pain from tooth movement

  • Sugar free



1 comentario

Frederick Taylor
Frederick Taylor
26 ene 2022

I beg to differ. It's a good tasting gum, however, they stuck to my aligners and made a big mess of them. Also, I bought the 1 month supply and received it on the 9th of January, 2022. The expiry date is Feb 3, 2022. Basically I have less than a month to consume the product. Waste of money and lesson learned. I will not repurchase Orthogum again.

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